NOTHING SIGNED YET: David Alaba’s father spoke about the versions that claim that his son ALREADY has an agreement with Real Madrid

He did not rule out Real Madrid as an option, but being January 19, 2021, George Alaba, David’s father, denies that his son has already reached an agreement with the white giant. The man, who also acts as an adviser / agent for the Austrian wild card, spoke with the newspaper Bild, assuring that he cannot confirm that there is a definitive OK. In fact, he shared that many clubs are interested. “I cannot confirm the reports that come from Spain. Nothing has been arranged or signed yet. There are many interested parties ”. Although it is practically a fact that the man born in 1992 will leave Bayern Munich in the summer of 2021 (free agent) and everything indicates that Real Madrid is leading the race, the movement cannot yet be made official. It will be time to wait a little longer. The same is no secret that the multi-functional footballer is very excited about the idea of ​​playing in Spain. We will see if Real Madrid consumes the pass, or if FC Barcelona, ​​once the new president is defined, is in a position to compete for one of the most striking market opportunities of the time. Undefeated data. David Alaba has only played for Bayern Munich. He started his career with the senior team in 2010. Over a decade competing at the highest level. Did you know…? David Alaba can compete as a central defender, left back, and even as a midfielder. His first European triplet was won as a left winger and the second he took playing as a defender.

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