The “Harry Potter” death that Daniel Radcliffe has never gotten over

They were many years mired in the magical world of Harry Potter. It can be said that Daniel Radcliffe grew up among magic. The actor began his journey through Hogwarts and surroundings when he was still a youngster. Thus, for more than a decade of movies, good old Radcliffe was turning into a man. Throughout the years he was in the Harry Potter saga, the British actor lived in his own flesh all those moments that millions of fans remember saddened. However, what we saw as fictional and dramatic narrative twists for young Daniel Radcliffe was his life. Thus, the actor has confessed how hard it was for him to say goodbye to one of the great actors of the saga after the death of his character.

“It hurt a lot to lose Sirius Black. I adored Gary Oldman and working with him was an incredible educational experience. The character’s death comes by surprise. It was very hard”. The truth is that Sirius’ death is really sad. We are with Daniel.

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