The ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ color grading breakdown is another reminder George Miller is a genius – Look

It’s been over two years since ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ first appeared in our hearts, and yet we still can’t stop thinking about it almost every day. Fortunately, neither are most moviegoers. Every month there seems to be a new exploration of the action movie, breaking down one of its perfect visuals.

The latest video essay comes from Fandor, and breaks down the color gradation that makes ‘Fury Road’ such an amazing viewing experience. READ MORE: George Miller Still Wants To Make ‘Mad Max’; Aftermath: “If the planets align, there will be two more films”; Director George Miller has been silent on whether or not the franchise will officially continue, though he has said in previous interviews that two follow-up films are in the works. “These characters and these worlds tend to spin in the back of your brain like imaginary friends,” Miller told The Independent earlier this year. ‘It’s easy to go back to them.’ While we continue to wait for the official go-ahead in another installment, we can continue to ease the genius of ‘Fury Road’. The video below shows some of the most visually distinct shots on film and the layers on the color gradation used to enhance the viewing experience.

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